EP 16. Slave Trader’s Statue Pulled Down. Anti-racism Protests – Black Lives Matter Exposed by Samuel Sey

Are the young organizers of Black Lives Matter – Anti Racism protests in US & UK are the generation to bring about real change? The Black Lives Matter hashtag has been used 40 million times on social media – and many people have shared their experiences of racism. But is the Black Lives Matter LGBTQ group fair or a part of the politics to spread racism? Is Black Lives Matter chasing GHOSTS? Global anti-racism protesters have set their sights on monuments with racist, colonial legacies. But whose statues have gotten in the focus of the antiracial justice movement?

Watch the video here:

The demonstrations of pulling down statues of slave traders began after the killing of George Floyd by US police in Minnesota, which has led to mass protests across the United States.

The incident discussed in this video: Black Lives Matters protesters in Bristol have pulled down a statue of the slave trader Edward Colston, whose company transported more than 100,000 slaves from West Africa to the Caribbean and the Americas between 1672 and 1689. Demonstrators attached a rope to the Grade II-listed statue, pulled it down and rolled it into the city’s harbour. It follows the toppling of several Confederate statues during Black Lives Matter protests in the US. Also, Protesters sprayed the word ‘racist’ on former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s memorial. Churchill is said to have viewed white people as superior and refused to distribute wheat to starving people in India in 1943.