EP 6. Leaving the Vineyard Church | Vineyard Worship Cult | John Wimber’s Reality Of The Vineyard Movement

In the early 90s, the Vineyard movement was known for its “supposed” outpouring of the Holy Spirit on people that attended their church meetings. Attendees were known to burst out in uncontrollable laughter, start growling, bark like dogs, dancing, twitching, and falling on the floor in a trancelike state for hours. All these manifestations were attributed to the work of the Holy Spirit. The Vineyard church began to expand rapidly and received much media attention. At the same time, it received its fair share of criticism from other Christians for embracing practices that were not condoned in the Bible. One key member of the Vineyard church, Paul Gowdy, began to have a change of heart and could not reconcile what he was seeing happening in the church with what he was reading in the Bible. In the episode, Paul shares his experiences being in the Vineyard church and why he decided he needed to leave it.

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